5 tips to make your bae happy all the time with you

A relationship will survive if both parties feel the happiness, because happiness is crucial to it. The following are five tips to make your bae happy all the time with you:

  1. Give a surprise

Everyone is naturally very pleased with surprise and happiness to your relationship then please does not hesitate to give a romantic surprise to your partner. Read more

5 Amazing tips to make her Love you again

Cherished by men who loved certainly is considered able to give happiness. But as a man, Women are certainly not able to create circumstances that naturally. If at the beginning, men can look very similar Sister dear. But after a long-running relationship, seemed impressed. Indeed there is still a sense of shame, but as diminished and declining.

There are several ways that can be done to make the male the same growing affection sister, ye. It is based on the basic desire of the male. So with these basic desires, bracing has most likely men will be getting the same dear you. Read more

How to make her impress by your Hairstyle

In an era as it is today, not only the woman who diligently notes the appearance and care especially for the face and the hair, but also men with grooming and styles their hair. Arguably, even the current style and haircut became a staple of appearance of a man. If you are a man who likes to style your hair to attract the ladies, following the inspiration of various style haircuts favored the women. Read more

How to give her space she wants

In a new relationship, sometimes unconscious woman asking her partner time to 24 hours each day. Reasonable hell indeed because we then passion with him, so don’t ask, rarely ask to see you call, chat, ask for via BBM all day long purely want to feel close to him, let alone the same continued, while new times dating, you haven’t known the pair of you. So, you passion for question this and that every day, without you even realizing it when he has time not for you alone.

Do Not Take Your Own Conclusions

Error woman while his partner says it is guessing and take your own conclusions. Read more

Make your women Love you 1000 times more

In fact men need constant attention, although they were very smart to cover up that fact. In expressing feelings, men are indeed different from women. Only on certain points, men feel the loss of his partner.  And maybe you are bored to always say fear of losing?

Then there is no harm if occasionally makes him know, how it feels to lose someone who really loved him. It can do some tricks. One that certainly is to make him fall in love again and again is one of the simplest ways to make him miss you.  Read more

What u needs to know before going to propose?

What u needs to know before going to propose her who doesn’t want to be loved, and who

doesn’t want a lady friend. If you really want her by your side and want to spend the rest of the

life with then what are you waiting for, pop out a question to her. If you want to get good grades

you always have to do some homework. Don’t get serious it’s just that you need to get your facts

right. I think women are the sweetest creatures on the other you are going to deal with. They

already have to deal with so many things from the home work to the child work. Here are some

questions you need to ask before popping out a final question.

Read more

Make your way to his Heart

This is for all the girls who want to make their relationship more strong and want to make their way to his heart and be a permanent resident there. It is one of the best feelings to be loved by him even more than you love him. However, it should also be kept in mind that in order to achieve that state you will have to do your part. Relationship is not just about sex, there is more to it. Read more

Lessen the Drama, Increase the Bonding

It is a very common dilemma among many of women that we think that if we play hard to get and if we become hard and unapproachable and non negotiable in arguments, our guy might want us more. It is the nature of women that we make men squirm and we want to prove to them that they did something wrong and should now make it right and perfect even it is just a very tiny thing. There are times when we just enjoy throwing tantrums because then you guys give us all the attention we want. Read more

Dating a Beauty with Brains

This one is for all of you dudes out there who are looking for a girl that is the ultimate diva. And interestingly, if your diva comes with brains too then it is an added advantage. Many men think that a girl with brains is a nerd and does not know how to go with the flow, moreover, she can be more demanding and I always trying to be at the upper hand. This is not all true. Read more

What to do when he does not reply

Many of us have been in the situation where we text our girl and she does not reply back and we just wait and wait and wait some more thinking and planning what to do. However, the things that you can do are not so difficult and are very much successful at her replying back and not making you seem like a clingy guy. Read more