Why he is not texting you back?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when you text your guy and he just does not reply? You leave a trail of messages and receive no reply at all. This can be frustrating and confusing too as you do not know what could be the reason behind the total silence. Here are some of the reasons that sometimes men do not reply to your messages at all.

  1.      He is bored by your texts

Do your textual conversations follow the same pattern every day? If yes, then you might want to change it and talk about more interesting things. He might just be bored with the usual and regular texts every day. Read more

When do you introduce someone to your Friends?

This is one of a very big question that you often find yourself asking that should I let him/her meet my friends and family? Is this the right time? Is he/she really the one? However, the first step in finding our if he/she is really the one for you is when you introduce them to your friends. However, when should you take this step?

The best thing to do is prepare yourself and your mates before deciding to introduce your partner to your friends. It is always a better idea to let your friends know about your partner beforehand than just introducing them without any prior notice. Tell your friends clearly what are the no-go conversation areas too. Read more

How to spend Your Date Nicely

Sometimes, we have a lot of activity or bustle, so it makes us forget time. But sometimes we also have lots of free time that we do not know how to spend it. In order not to spare time we not wasted, there are some steps so that you can spare time you take advantage of the better and more productive: Read more

How to Manipulate her for Surprise Gifts

Trying to find that perfect gift can be a long and winding process. With so many options in front of you, of course it is very difficult to determine the perfect gift for the beloved. But, remember jug with that most important part in buying a gift is an attempt to make the recipient feel that you really knew him well. And with a bit of consideration, you could make sure her face will exude happiness while opening a gift box from you. Read more

How you can Impress A guy Tips and Tricks

If you want to impress a guy, it is a fairly easy task. However, you should just make sure that you are not trying hard. This is because if you try to be someone or something that you are not, it is easily detected and is a very big turn off for guys. Therefore, before we begin with this article, make sure that you be your natural self around him. Read more

How to Impress Her through your Body Language

Body language speaks louder than words and has a more profound effect on your date than your words ever would. Here are some of the body language hacks that are guaranteed to melt her at your feet if yo use them in the right way.

  • Eye Contact

Solid eye contact means honesty. And it is the best tool to build sexual tension. It works wonder on her and a solid eye contact will make her knees go all wobbly. This does not mean that you start staring at her. However, when you talk make sure you hold her gaze, especially when you compliment her. This will also ensure that you are confident about what you are saying. And believe me, nothing turns women on than a confident man. Read more